Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Utah, you are delicious in the summertime.

I have to admit, being in town for more than a day does have its perks. 
(Not having a job for 12 more days adds to the perkiness as well) 
Some of these lovely perks include:
  • Running into some of my favorites at weddings that I can actually attend
  • Bees Games!
  • Pool parties (and celebrating National Donut Day)
  • Playing lots of tennis 
  • Fireworks after the Bees Games (one of my all time favorite summertime activities)
  • Sunbathing with SadieBabe and Chlo
I love Utah Summers. There is something so enchanting about a warm summer night in Utah. And nothing beats an early morning bike ride, running errands with my mom, or playing with my dogs in our backyard.

Give me tan skin, bright colors, sunny skies, and homemade ice cream all year round. I'll even tolerate my persistent allergies if I have to! 

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