Sunday, December 16, 2012

To hear the angels sing.

On Saturday night my family went to the 
Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert.
It was incredible. The best ever, I think.
The performers were amazing, and I was so grateful to be apart of it.
I was so moved by the Spirit in that conference center. Tears just came and came. 

My heart has been aching these past few days. 
While I am celebrating Christmas, many families are planning funerals.
It takes the wind out of me to think about,
but I know that my Heavenly Father is looking over those families.
Those beautiful children were welcomed by Him with open arms.
I love my Savior.
The Plan of Salvation is a real and wonderful thing. 
That knowledge will carry us through these troubled days. 

(kacey.ism 262)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Festive despite finals.

Even though this semester has run me ragged
I've still managed to have a lot of fun this month.
In between studying and projects and papers we managed to squeeze in
a Baby's Day, a Decembirthday Party, a Provo family dinner,
and multiple showings of Home Alone. 
I'm so grateful for my people for keeping me laughing and smiling
through a very busy and stressful semester.

(kacey.ism 261)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Girl.

Happy Birthday to my #1 girl.
She's been with me through the thick and the thin,
the ups and the downs,
and she has made my life so much better.
I don't know what I would do without her. 
Happy Birthday Annerz--
my funny, witty, sweet, kind, amazing best friend.

I love you.

(kacey.ism 260)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

under the mistletoe.

Mistletoe that is with me wherever I go?
I love the holidays.
And the dollar section at Target. 

(kacey.ism 259)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gingerbread dopplegangers.

To ring in the month of December,
last night we decorated our gingerbread dopplegangers.
I had too much fun making my gingerbread Kacey look just like me.
How did I do?
Nothing says Christmas quite like a gingerbread man.

(kacey.ism 258)