Monday, June 17, 2013

bear lake retreat.

I am trying this new thing where I say yes to things I would have once said no to. 
This past weekend Sadie invited me to Bear Lake with some of her friends. 
I didn't know any of them very well and my gut instinct was to say no, but I said yes because I do that now.  
Based on the pictures, I bet you can guess that I had a really great time. And you are right. 
I loved my 36 hours in Bear Lake. 
We watched the sunset, celebrated Flag Day, rode a bicycle built for two, laughed a lot, sang songs, waterskied, boated, rode a tractor, play croquet, ate shakes, caught some rays, and had a delightful time. 

I am starting to like this "saying yes to things" attitude. 

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  1. I'm glad you say yes now. That was too much fun to miss out on.