Tuesday, April 23, 2013


4 diet coke lovers, 4 months of winter,
And 316 cups later, school is out! 
We are pretty proud of our collection. 
And don't worry, we plan to recycle them all! 

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Thursday, April 18, 2013


I pray for peace. 

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The last of the last.

^^^left: our last first day of school, right: our last last day of school^^^
^^^5 years of technique, 5 days a week is over^^^
^^^to celebrate our freedom we hiked the Y in honor of our Freshmen selves^^^
Today was my last last day of school.
That's it. It's over. I am really done. 
It's a strange feeling (understatement).
I don't think it will actually sink in until I'm in my cap and gown next week.
In the meantime, I'm just allowing myself to feel extremely grateful to BYU.
This university has given me so much more than an education.
I'm still wrapping my mind around it.
I'll get back to you when I can form some coherent thoughts. 

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Real beauty.

I have always loved the quote,
"The greatest gift I could give you is if you could see yourself the way I see you."
This video made me cry.
It has such a beautiful message.
Real Beauty exists in everybody, myself included. 
I needed that reminder today. 

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Monday, April 15, 2013

85 years young!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Nate!
He is 85 years young today!
I am so grateful for his support in my life.
He has never missed a soccer game, tennis match, or dance performance.
I like to think that he and I are a lot a like...
a little quieter, more content to just sit back and listen, and happiest when we are with people we love.
I love you Grandpa!

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Monday, April 8, 2013

All is Well.

General Conference weekend is always one of my favorites. 
I get to spend the whole weekend at home with my family 
and relax and listen to words of wisdom from the amazing leaders of the church. 
I felt extraordinarily blessed this weekend. 
I owe all my happiness to the promises I've been given through the Gospel. 
I love my Savior and I hope I can live my life in a way that expresses that love. 

The Mormon Tabernacle choir sang "Come Come ye Saints" yesterday morning.
It's my very favorite hymn and it seemed to sum up everything I was feeling perfectly.
Happy day. All is well. 

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happiest of days.

Today was a happy, carefree, the world is wonderful kind of day. 
And so... a list of happyisms
1. How did I ever survive a freezing cold winter? I live for that windows rolled down kind of sunshine!
2. Speaking of sunshine, Ann and I probably went on a 4 mile walk to soak in every second. 
3. Being pushed around in a grocery cart is still as fun as it was when you were little.
4. My husband is not going to starve. I can make a legitimate home cooked meal if I want to. 
5. It's fun to eat on a patio without patio furniture. 
6. Wearing bright colors will always put you in a good mood.
7. Dancing in my living room is one of my favorite places to dance.
8. Ann and I hadn't seen each other in a week, and reuniting just equals a straight hour of laughing about things that the other missed out on. 
9. Carli's Mrs. Bakker's birthday cake made it to Provo. Delicious. 
10. Blessed. Blessed. Blessed. 

(kacey.ism 284)

Happy Birthday Sister!

Yesterday was Carli's birthday! 
Carli is my very favorite person in the world.
She is bright, she is happy, she is beautiful, 
and she is so thoughtful and loving. 
She is the greatest sister in the world 
and she is everything I aspire to be. 
I love you, Car. 
I hope you're feeling 22!!

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter and the Sun Valley kids.

Easter in Sun Valley was quite the event.
We decorated Bunny sugar cookies, ran an Easter 5K,
had an "egg on the spoon" competition and an egg toss competition,
made a Bunny cake, had target practice with the BB gun, and dyed Easter eggs.
And that was all just on Saturday. 
On Sunday we went to church to celebrate our Savior Jesus Christ, 
had a delicious birthday brunch for Carli, and had a pretty intense ping pong tournament (that I won).
We ended the trip with a stroll down Fairway Road. 

It was a beautiful weekend and I loved every minute of it. 

(kacey.ism 282)