Wednesday, June 5, 2013

NYC part 1

Last weekend Ann and I flew to NYC to visit our favorite people in the world...
Cath and Abs. They are our NYC duo that we miss dearly. 
I can't explain how magical it was to be with these three for four straight days. 
There will never be a time my in life when they won't be part of it. 
 They are truly irreplaceable. 
Oh how I wish NYC was closer to SLC....

Let me tell you, we took NYC by storm. 
We were frizzy and sticky and sweaty (it was 90 degrees and 60% humidity) and my feet were sore within the first hour, not to mention the fact that my knee decided to become swollen and painful,
but I still loved every single second.
A run down of our days...
Day 1: Times Square, the Flat Iron building, Shake Shack (yum), lots of walking, and Serendipity
Day 2: The Staten Island Fairy, Lady Liberty, Lincoln Center, Canal Street, Rockafeller, 
Banana Pudding from Magnolia's (my favorite), Matilda on Broadway*, and Carmine's with the NYC crew.
*Ann's name was drawn at the Matilda lottery so we got to go see it! A true NYC miracle.
Day 3: Shopping shopping shopping, dinner in the West Village, and lots of walking. 

More to come....

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  1. looks amazing and you girls are so adorable!! miss you kac!!

  2. So jealous of your celeb life!

  3. i'm kicking myself for not mentioning it while you were there, you guys should have gone to levain bakery for the best cookie of your life.

  4. Ah Kylee! We totally went! It was INCREDIBLE!!