Friday, August 15, 2014

Friends til the end.

I have five dear friends that I can't imagine my life without, because I've never known a life without them.
Their names are David, Max, Jeff, Catherine, and Sadie. 
They have been a crucial piece of the puzzle that is my life for over twenty years.
Twenty years!
A group of friends does not typically stay best friends for twenty years. 
But we did. 
Last week Max got married. The second of the group (Cath kicked it off),  but the first of the boys.
The six of us were reunited for the first time in a while. Cath flew in from NYC, Jeff came from California, and David flew in from Seattle. 
It was the happiest day. I truly treasure moments in life when my heart is bursting with happiness for someone I care about. Max's new bride, Laura is perfect for him in every way. They were just glowing and I love them so much. 
I practically demanded the photographer to capture that first photo above. And I'm going to treasure it always. 
I just love those five faces so much. They probably have no idea how grateful I am to each of them for standing by me and supporting me since I was three years old. I hope I've done a fraction for them of what they've done for me. 
I'm pretty sure that if we've not only managed, but made it a priority to stay in each other's lives for this long, we'll have many more moments to come. 
And once again, my heart is happy. 

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

kid island, lake powell

Hello, favorite trip of the summer thus far,
You're lacking in photos, but you definitely weren't lacking in fun. 
Lake Powell never disappoints, but this trip really just hit it out of the park. 
We took down the Claflin family (Carli's in-laws) and I just adore them. They wanted to try everything, do everything, and just soak up every minute. And bonus, they also have pretty cute kids.
That being said, we surfed, ski skied, waterskied, played games, swam, went on a boat ride, staked out on "Kid Island, had a friendly trick ski competition (Dan and I won), and just had fun. 
I was smiling from sun up to sun down. 
Put me on a boat at 6am for a morning ski with some tunes and I'm happy. 
Put me on a boat, in Lake Powell, with great people, and I could die and go to heaven.
It definitely tops the charts as far as Powell trips go. 

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

the 4th in our small town.

Sun Valley has quickly become our destination for the 4th. 
I love everything about that little valley on the 4th. 
A small town, full of happy people, tucked up in the mountains is the perfect place to celebrate America's freedom. 
I think it is inherent in Americans to love the simplicity of  small towns, simple living, easy pleasures, and happy dispositions. And Sun Valley provides all of that and more. 

This year was, as always, the best year yet. Leaving the dry 100 degree heat of SLC, for sunny, pleasant 80 degree Sun Valley was the first step to the perfect weekend. 
When we pulled into our drive my mom had not one, not two, but 24 American flags strewn about my house. Step two to a perfect American weekend. 
And step three to making it a truly great Schneider American weekend was to do all our favorite things. Which we did. We did them all.

On Friday we took the dogs on a walk, we scootered our hearts out, we flew (or at least attempted to fly) my dad's new remote control plane, I read Harry Potter in my backyard, we watched a lot of Wimbledon, and ended the night with Mexican Train. 
On the blessed 4th of July, a day I love more than my own birthday, we threw on every ounce of freedom gear we own and paraded through the streets. I lived out my dream of scootering down the street with an American flag tied around my neck like some sort of Freedom hero. 
We also played tennis, played volleyball, had a BBQ, and went to the famous Sun Valley ice show and ended the night with fireworks. 
Oh, America, how I love you. 

The rest of the weekend was filled with a 40 mile bike ride, more reading, more scootering, a Beatles concert (ok, well Beatles impersonators), an anxiety attack as I pleaded with Federer to win Wimbledon on Sunday morning (he did not), more walks with the dogs, and just enjoying that small town I love so much with my dear, wonderful, hilarious family. 

I'm already counting down until July 4th, 2015, Sun Valley. Thanks for making it so wonderful.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dear UPS Man...

Dear UPS Man,
Thank you for making my Monday afternoon feel like Christmas morning.
I had been waiting and waiting for that Madewell package.
Every day I longingly looked out my window waiting for you to walk up my path.
Yesterday, when I had finally given up hope, you finally came!
That brown package you delivered held my favorite Summer purchase...overalls!
Yes, overalls. I'll be wearing them consistently for the next several months. 
It's all thanks to you, UPS man. You're the greatest.


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Sunday, June 15, 2014

June knows how to have fun.

All in all, I'd say June has been a pretty good month.
And the best part? It's only halfway over. 
I've always loved June. Everyday is a bluebird day full of dips in the pool, tanned shoulders, spending 90% of the day outside, sunsets that have me gasping for breath, and an overall happy ambiance. 

June 2014 has been particularly active. 
Last week, after three years of missing it, I finally made it to the Little Red bike ride. Sadie and I, and our moms were proud 50 mile finishers. 
Ann and I like to chase the sunsets. The other night we picked up our vanilla cones from McD's, and found the perfect vantage point. 
This weekend was full of boating, biking to the top of Emigration Canyon, celebrating Flag Day in my most festive gear, and tennis with the dream team. 

Like I said, June is hitting it out of the park. 

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lake Powelling

Every year, for the past 20 years, my family has spent Memorial Day weekend in Lake Powell with our 2nd family, the Mulcocks.
I look forward to this weekend all year. Lake Powell over Memorial Day means summer, tan lines, waterskiing season, boating, music, sunny days, and happiness. 
Seeing the lake for the first time of the year never gets old. I seriously get giddy every time it comes into view. 
This year was no different. The weather was beautiful, the lake was pretty refreshing, and the company was the best of the best. 
We played a lot of games, did some waterskiing, had an epic paddle ball tournament, and ate like kings. 
Lake Powell is one of the happiest places in the world for me. Sitting on a boat and enjoying a morning ski is pure joy. 
Welcome Summer. It's wonderful to see you. 

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Sunday, May 11, 2014


One of the few things I know for certain in life is that my mom is always there.
She always has been, she always will be, and nothing will ever change that.
Our happiness is her happiness, our struggles her struggles, and our victories her victories. 
She's the first person I call with good news, and the first hug I seek when I'm sad. 
I look up to here as a woman, a wife, a friend, and of course, a mom.
I love you mom. Every day is a day to celebrate you. 

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