Friday, January 29, 2016

Snow Valley

A couple weekends ago Dan, my parents, and I traded in the Hawaiian sunshine for some snowy Sun Valley.
I must admit, although I'm no fan of Winter, Sun Valley is the one place I welcome snow--the more snow the better, in fact. And this year is the first year in a while that it's transformed into a real life snow globe up there. Out with the light dusting of a few inches of snow, and in with the 3-4 feet of snow!
We took full advantage of our time in winter wonderland. We skied on Saturday and then again on fresh, glorious powder on Monday. We spent an afternoon wearing the dogs (and ourselves) out playing in the snow in our backyard. We cross-country skied (one of our favorites), and we took lots of walks down Fairway.
Dan and I had so much fun with my parents. They are the best example to me of what I hope to be when I'm their age. Nothing stops them, and it's awesome. I really cherish this time of life with my family. I know this newlywed/no grandkids/everyone is an adult now life is fleeting, and I just want to take it all in before a new, equally wonderful chapter begins.

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Happiest Hawaii Christmas Vacation 2015

For most people Christmas comes on December 25th. For my family, Christmas came on December 26th. At noon on the 26th my family was on a plane to Hawaii.
We've been fortunate enough to go to Hawaii the past 5 years around Christmastime and it truly is a slice of paradise.
This year tops the list because it was my first year there with my husband. Last year Dan and I weren't even engaged yet. So much really can happen in 365 days.
Hawaii could not have been more beautiful. The sun did nothing but shine on (and brown up) our wintery, pale faces, and the water did nothing but sparkle apart from the occasional (fabulous) whale breach.
We went whale watching and snorkeling on a catamaran, we went scuba diving early one morning, we played tennis every day, and we jumped off of black rock on New Year's Day.
We also spent every day digging our toes in the sand, reading books, playing paddle ball, and taking dips in the ocean whenever we wanted.
It's such a simple life over there. You wake up, put on your swimsuit, sit on the beach until the sun goes down, eat fresh fish for dinner, and usually fall asleep by 9pm. I just love it.
I love spending those 10 days with my family.  I truly do look at them as my very best friends. I also love to see how well Dan fits in. It feels like he's always been there, and I love it.
As always, it's like I blink and the trip is over. Suddenly I'm shivering at my desk at work dreaming of being back in paradise.
Hawaii, you were wonderful. We'll see you soon, but never soon enough.

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