Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Elephants

Easter Sunday was a particularly lovely day.
The weather definitely had a something to do with it. There's nothing like a sunshiney, blue sky, bird chirping Easter.
Wearing my Easter elephant dress also had a little something to do with it. I have this unexplainable love (obsession?) for elephants lately. I think they are the most beautiful creatures, thus anything with an elephant on it, I must have.
I found that dress at Anthropologie and deemed elephants the new mascot of Easter (because who likes rabbits anyways?).
Most importantly, however, Easter was wonderful because of the true meaning behind it.
It is a day to reflect on my Savior. I thought a lot about Jesus Christ on Sunday. I thought about his birth, his life, his crucifixion, but most importantly I thought about His resurrection.
He died for all of us so that we can live again. It sounds so simple, but it is the most incredible act of love this world will ever witness.
Because of Him every single person has the opportunity to live in His presence for eternity.
When I think about that I feel so hopeful for the world and so grateful for my Savior's love.
So, thank you Easter. Thank you for giving me a day to truly ponder the miracle of the atonement.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

a taste of things to come.

For me, this weekend was all about expectation of what Summer 2014 has in store for me. 
I successfully survived my first bike ride of the season (and if you know my history with biking this is a  BIG deal). 
Abs came in town for a surprise visit prior to her permanent move home in TWO weeks. Annerz and I met up with she and Laird at the Mav. 
I'm confident you'll find the four of us posted up on the curb there many a night this summer. 
Talk about a perfect weather weekend too. I know it really is getting warm when our house is no longer feeling like an icebox. Bring on the heat!
I was in sandals, summer dresses, and white pants this weekend. I just kept thinking, "Please, no one spoil Mother Nature's good mood". I know it's bound to get chilly again, but I pray we don't get a freak blizzard anytime soon. 
Tonight that full moon just stopped me in my tracks. Is there a more beautiful site than a full moon hanging up there in a clear periwinkle sky? I would argue there isn't.
So, all in all, thank you weekend. You brought me surprises, happiness, and anticipation. Hopefully, your happiness boost will carry me through this week. 

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

March goes out like a lamb...except in Utah

Despite the bipolar weather, March was actually a lot of fun. 
Trips to Provo for donuts, trips to Palm Springs for sunshine, St. Patrick's Day/parent's anniversary, Chloee's birthday, skiing as a family with Allie our superstar, and best of all...
making it to April!
April brings birthdays (Carli, Grandpa, and Daniel), General Conference, Easter, and warmer, happier weather. 
And even though Mother Nature has decided it's okay to snow on and off all week, I'm still determined to treat life like it's Spring outside. 
So here is to putting the winter coats away, breaking out the saltwater sandals, and opening the sun roof for the next six months. 

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