Tuesday, October 6, 2015

26 years old.

Yesterday I turned 26 years old. 26 YEARS OLD. How did that happen? How am I suddenly closer to 30 than 20? My mind is a little boggled by that thought. 
Despite feeling a little wary at this new older and wiser age, I had a really wonderful birthday. I've said it before, but if everyone treated everyone else like it was their birthday all the time, everyone would always feel happy and loved and special. 
Raise your hand if you think Dan should start a greeting card business. He always makes me the sweetest cards. If you're wondering what this particular card is about, on my 25th birthday he told me he loved me for the first time on our way home from Sun Valley. It is one of our favorite memories together and here we are a year later, married, and still in love. 
After a day at work and teaching dance (both filled with birthday love) I was excited to get home to Dan. He had fresh flowers, a few perfect presents, and a hug waiting for me. For someone who claims he's not good at birthdays, he did a pretty good job. And then it was off to the tennis courts. We seem to like playing tennis on all our special days--the day we got engaged, his birthday, our honeymoon, my birthday...it's becoming a tradition and I love it. 
*This family picture would not have been possible without the selfie stick Dan gave me! 
After tennis we had dinner at Caputo's (delicious), and headed to my parents house for Mrs. Backers birthday cake (it is not a birthday without Mrs. Backer's!), and presents with my family.
It's also not a birthday without my family. My parents have never missed my birthday. I feel so unbelievably spoiled to be able to say that. For example, this year my dad flew to New Jersey on Sunday at 2pm, and was back home yesterday by 4:30pm--just so he wouldn't miss my birthday. Like I said, spoiled. I love my family so much.
I got home last night with my arms full of thoughtful, lovely gifts, some birthday cake for breakfast, and a heart full of love and gratitude.
Thank you to my sweet husband, my wonderful family, and my amazing friends for making this birthday another one for the books. xoxo.

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