Monday, October 19, 2015

my 26 year old to-do list.

26 ways to live the best 26th year of my life:

1. Choose to be Happy
2. Embrace every challenge that comes my way
3. Stick to a newlywed budget
4. Go somewhere I've never been (LOTS of adventures are calling...)
5. Drink more water than Diet Coke
6. Make more home cooked meals
7. Know my current events
8. Write in our married journal
9. Take pictures/videos
10. Live what I believe
11. Create 3 longterm goals with Dan
12. Look for opportunities to perform small acts of service
13. Read Books
14. Unplug more
15. Exercise regularly and learn to always enjoy it
16. Try new things! (food, hobbies, etc)
17. Be organized because it makes life easier
18. Tell those I love I love them OFTEN
19. Be a good forgiver 
20. Say Thank You
21. Be better at staying in touch 
22. Finally finish the book "Jesus, The Christ"
23. Celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary
24. Grow Kacey's Dance Academy
25. Support others in their endeavors
26. Be a little bit better every day

(kacey.ism 373)

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