Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Taylor + Tennis + a mini honeymoon + a bridal brunch

We have wasted no time saying goodbye to Summer and hello to September. And suddenly I've blinked and September is half gone, my studio is back in session, and my birthday is three weeks away. How did that happen? I really can't complain about moving so quickly into Fall. We've had a lot of fun these past couple weeks, and while I never like to see Summer go, I can't help but get excited when the crisp Autumn breeze rolls in.

There was no better way to ease out of Summer and into Fall than with the Taylor Swift concert. Yes, Carli and I wore matching T-Swift t-shirts. Yes, we sang louder than most of the 14 year old girls there. Yes, even our husbands couldn't help but love it, and her. I walked out grinning, and Dan and I continued to be entertained by our light up bracelets for days afterwards.

Dan and I snagged a few hours of sleep after the concert, woke up at 6am and headed up to Sun Valley for Labor Day weekend. It was the best. We haven't taken a trip just the two of us since our honeymoon, and now I know we need to do it more often. There's nothing like being just the two of us. We relaxed, watched a lot of the US Open, played a few rounds of tennis, went on walks, took the scooter for a spin, went on a bike ride, and ate a home cooked meal by yours truly. I love more than anything to look over at Dan and smile because he's my husband now, and know that we're taking on the world together. I feel extremely lucky.

When we got back last week I was in full bridal brunch-prep mode aka let's finally hang some pictures up in our house and make it look like our home mode. There's nothing like an upcoming party to make you whip your house into shape. Thanks to Dan it really did happen. I have pictures hanging and new shelves in our family room, and now when I walk in the room it feels like our own little home.
Ann's shower was so much fun. We had a great turnout. Everyone dined on yogurt parfaits, cinnamon twists, and homemade swig cookies. We showered the bride with presents and learned all about how much Nate loves Ann. And let me tell you, he adores her. It makes me so happy to see her so loved.

This week started off with Federer losing the US Open final (I'll still love him forever), and dance getting back in session (woohoo!), it's currently raining outside, and we speak in church on Sunday. Oh hello there, real life! Time to face the music. How about I just sit here and watch my wedding video over and over instead?

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