Saturday, February 25, 2017

a winter of getaways.

Winter 2017 has unintentionally been a winter of getaways, and it has made it fly by! You won't hear me complaining about Spring being right around the corner. I've loved having something to look forward to every couple weeks.
A quick overview (sorry it is so lengthy!)....
We kicked off the New Year in one of my very favorite places--Hawaii. Nothing feels more rejuvinating, refreshing, and happy than starting a new year on a warm, sandy beach with the people I love. We soaked up every minute of those rays, continued with tradition and did all the things we love to do, and truly enjoyed the peaceful Hawaiian life.

About a week after we got home Dan and I cruised up to Sun Valley with my parents for a quick 3 day weekend. Talk about going from sun to snow--Sun Valley had about 5 feet of fresh snow when we got up there (and it really still hasn't stopped snowing all winter)! It is my favorite version of a Winter wonderland. We had a phenomenal ski day and spent one afternoon making fresh snow shoe tracks along the golf course. Dan and I also had one epic sledding adventure from the tippy top of the steepest hill. I had a face full of snow halfway down the hill, and I could not stop laughing. When it comes to snow I'm all about "Go big, or go home", and Sun Valley definitely went BIG this year.

A few weeks later I was on a spontaneous, somewhat last minute trip to visit my best friend, Ann is San Francisco. Ann called me up to see if I wanted to come stay with her for a weekend while her husband was out of town. A few other phone calls, a group text, and a screenshot of a plane ticket later it was a 321 reunion trip! 321=myself, Cath, Ann, and Abs. We all went on study abroad to London together, and then lived together at BYU. They are some of my best friends in this whole world. It was a much needed weekend together! We did a lot of site seeing, but also a lot of catching up in the apartment, laughing, drinking diet coke, and just being together. Ann was the best hostess and we all hated it to end. I can't wait for the next reunion trip--hopefully sooner rather than later.

Last weekend for President's Day we made our way to Laguna Beach with Carli and Daniel. I've gone to Laguna over this weekend for the past 5+ years. It is one of my favorites. Well this year CA decided to have one of its worst rain storms it has had in 6 years, and it definitely lived up to the hype. Luckily, we were not to be deterred by the rain. We went shopping, saw a movie, ate good food, went to Balboa Island and Newport, and made a spontaneous trip to Disneyland! While we would have loved some sunshine, we still had so much fun. Until next year, Laguna!

In between all of these getaways Dan and I have filled our Winter with cross country skiing, climbing, skiing, reading books (Dan's resolution is to read one a month, and I'm jumping on board), house sitting, watching The Goldbergs, hanging with friends, teaching a lot of dance and High Fit, helping our grandparents, and celebrating every night when it stays light just a little bit longer. 

Spring, we are ready for you! 

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