Monday, August 17, 2015

working for the weekends.

Life lately has been all about working for the weekends. 
We've been lucky enough to spend a handful of weekends in Bear Lake, be part of a 30 hour bike ride from SLC to Vegas, celebrate a best friend's wedding, and get to Lake Powell. 

Bear Lake is Dan's favorite place in the world, so I have loved spending time up there with him and his family. They have spent countless hours playing in the sandbox as kids, reading books on the back porch, learning to waterski behind their boat, admiring the gorgeous sunsets, and stargazing under a breathtaking sky for most of their lives. Whenever I'm up there I really feel apart of the Jenson clan and I love it. I love being part of the new memories they're making. I know Bear Lake is going to be a big part of my life now, and I wouldn't want it any other way. 
The bike ride we did is called Saints to Sinners. And we really did ride our bikes from Salt Lake to Vegas in a day. Well, we each rode various legs from Salt Lake to Vegas. Saints to Sinners is a ride to raise ALS awareness. We were on team Creighton's Riders. Everyone on our team (about 80) were all there to support Creighton Rider himself, who is suffering from ALS, yet still comes every year and rides his bike with his sweet wife Lisa. We felt so honored to be apart of something so special. 
Sadie and Logan are married! It was the happiest day. They were just glowing. I loved seeing Sadie, who I have known for 20 years, look happier than I have ever seen her. Those two are the perfect match. I know I've only been married for two months, but I can already say it is the best life there is, and I'm so happy they get to experience it. 
Last weekend we shot down to Lake Powell for a quick few days with the Leishmans. And even though it rained the first day and we had a wind storm somewhere in the middle, it was a much needed, memorable, happy trip. The water was warm, the skiing was lovely, and as is always the case with Powell, we spent the days smiling and laughing. We were even gifted with a double rainbow after we'd spent an hour re-anchoring the houseboat on our windy afternoon. 
We're spoiled and are heading down to Powell again soon. I'm so excited it's hard to sit still. 

Eventually we'll spend a Saturday hanging pictures, making DI runs, and adding some much needed furniture to our house. But until then we'll be doing what we can to come up with more adventures. 

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