Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fun Valley

Miracles happen! This past weekend I finally got this crew up to Sun Valley. 
Back story: I've been trying to get Ann up there for at least 3 years, so to say I felt accomplished was an understatement. 
I talk about Sun Valley a lot, so it's important to me that people actually get to experience the magic of it themselves. I think they finally understand my obsession. 
The trip was pretty fantastic. It was filled with scooter rides--lots of scooter rides, tennis, sunflower seeds, sunburns, swimming, new friends, eating, strolling through town, ping pong, naps, chats, and a lot of laughing. 
There was also a continuous stream of 80s music flowing through the house that led to many a spontaneous dance party. 
These friends of mine really are some of the best. They never cease to find new (and creative) ways to make me laugh pretty hard. 
Sun Valley, you have done it again. See you sooner rather than later. xo

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