Sunday, April 13, 2014

a taste of things to come.

For me, this weekend was all about expectation of what Summer 2014 has in store for me. 
I successfully survived my first bike ride of the season (and if you know my history with biking this is a  BIG deal). 
Abs came in town for a surprise visit prior to her permanent move home in TWO weeks. Annerz and I met up with she and Laird at the Mav. 
I'm confident you'll find the four of us posted up on the curb there many a night this summer. 
Talk about a perfect weather weekend too. I know it really is getting warm when our house is no longer feeling like an icebox. Bring on the heat!
I was in sandals, summer dresses, and white pants this weekend. I just kept thinking, "Please, no one spoil Mother Nature's good mood". I know it's bound to get chilly again, but I pray we don't get a freak blizzard anytime soon. 
Tonight that full moon just stopped me in my tracks. Is there a more beautiful site than a full moon hanging up there in a clear periwinkle sky? I would argue there isn't.
So, all in all, thank you weekend. You brought me surprises, happiness, and anticipation. Hopefully, your happiness boost will carry me through this week. 

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  1. you are seriously the cutest!

    i love reading your blog!