Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happiest of days.

Today was a happy, carefree, the world is wonderful kind of day. 
And so... a list of happyisms
1. How did I ever survive a freezing cold winter? I live for that windows rolled down kind of sunshine!
2. Speaking of sunshine, Ann and I probably went on a 4 mile walk to soak in every second. 
3. Being pushed around in a grocery cart is still as fun as it was when you were little.
4. My husband is not going to starve. I can make a legitimate home cooked meal if I want to. 
5. It's fun to eat on a patio without patio furniture. 
6. Wearing bright colors will always put you in a good mood.
7. Dancing in my living room is one of my favorite places to dance.
8. Ann and I hadn't seen each other in a week, and reuniting just equals a straight hour of laughing about things that the other missed out on. 
9. Carli's Mrs. Bakker's birthday cake made it to Provo. Delicious. 
10. Blessed. Blessed. Blessed. 

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