Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Last the best of all the game.

Well, it's official. All my friends are married.
Saturday, October 24th was the happiest day because LeAnn Paulsen became Mrs. N8 Nielsen.
We have all been waiting impatiently for this day, and it finally came!
Ann and Nate started dating shortly after Dan and I did and they got engaged two weeks after we got married. And then Nate moved to San Francisco! So when I say we've all been waiting impatiently for this day to arrive (especially Ann), I really mean it.

Their wedding day was perfect. They were sealed in the Draper temple and marched out of those golden doors with the most genuine, beaming smiles. There is no joy that compares to that of a newly married couple. And Nate and Ann were just oozing love. Ann was the most stunning, gorgeous bride there has ever been!
They followed their sealing with an intimate luncheon that suited them perfectly. We got to hear from those that are closest to them, and watch them cut the cake and share a dance. I consider myself so extremely blessed to call myself one of those people for Ann. She has been my best friend, roommate, and person for the last six years. She is the most kind, caring, giving, loving person, and I know that Nate will treat her right. I wouldn't have let her go to anything less.

While it was the happiest day, it was also a little bittersweet for me because they now live in San Francisco. I lived with Ann for six years and now she lives in a different state. And while I selfishly would like her to please get back here ASAP because I miss her constantly, I am so excited for their new adventure and know that a little distance will not harm our friendship at all. (And now we have more excuses to plan fabulous girls trips to get us all together!)

From September 2014-October 2015 four of my best friends, and I got married. I can't think of a better way to lose all your friends to their new husbands, than to do it all at once. It has been the best 13 months. I've been able to share the happiest time of my life with those who I love most. No bride left behind!

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