Thursday, May 14, 2015

Happy Birthday to Dan!

On Tuesday we celebrated my best friend's birthday.
Dan turned 26! 
I was so excited to celebrate him from sun up to sun down, and spoil him, and sing happy birthday to him, and make him the center of attention all day long (his least favorite place to be). 
I told him he better get used to it--I don't mess around when it comes to birthdays. 
We went to lunch, played a round of tennis that turned into a battle against the wind, opened presents, had dinner with his family, dessert with my family, and ended the night with a round of Mexican Train. I think it was a birthday well spent. 

I'm so grateful for that birthday boy. I love him for so many reasons. I love him because he's good, and kind, and loving, and fun, and because when he looks at me I know he loves me too. 
Today he turns 26, next year he turns 27, in ten years he turns 36, and in fifty years he'll turn 76. And the best part is I plan to be there with my arm around him, singing happy birthday in his ear for every single one. 

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