Thursday, July 31, 2014

kid island, lake powell

Hello, favorite trip of the summer thus far,
You're lacking in photos, but you definitely weren't lacking in fun. 
Lake Powell never disappoints, but this trip really just hit it out of the park. 
We took down the Claflin family (Carli's in-laws) and I just adore them. They wanted to try everything, do everything, and just soak up every minute. And bonus, they also have pretty cute kids.
That being said, we surfed, ski skied, waterskied, played games, swam, went on a boat ride, staked out on "Kid Island, had a friendly trick ski competition (Dan and I won), and just had fun. 
I was smiling from sun up to sun down. 
Put me on a boat at 6am for a morning ski with some tunes and I'm happy. 
Put me on a boat, in Lake Powell, with great people, and I could die and go to heaven.
It definitely tops the charts as far as Powell trips go. 

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