Monday, October 8, 2012

A letter to 23 year old me.

Dear Kacey,
This year...
Smile a lot. Laugh often. Be spontaneous.
Try to worry less (I know it's hard for you), and live in the present. 
Be confident. There is no other You in this world. So be the best at it.
Do the things you love to do, and learn to love new things and do them. 
Treat everyone like it's their birthday. It's the best feeling in the world.
Love your family. Love your friends. Tell them you love them often. 
Keep exploring, growing, and putting yourself out on the ledge. It always pays off.
And once you're on the ledge, leap! You'll be able to keep flying and end up somewhere totally new and amazing.
Most importantly, remember your Heavenly Father loves you and has a wonderful plan in store for you. 
Talk to Him. Trust Him. Always. 
Enjoy every day. You'll only be 23 once.


(kacey.ism 241)

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