Monday, June 25, 2012

a jam packed weekend.

My weekend was jam packed and filled to the brim.
That's what happens when you realize you have been here longer than you have left. 
It's crunch time...
Friday: An 80s coverband (the Legwarmers) concert
Let me just say that the 80s were so odd.
But the music that came from that era will never get old.
I threw on my neon pink tee and transported myself back in time.
We had way too much fun losing our voices as we sang along.

Saturday: Walking like a tourist
Whitney and I did not mess around on Saturday.
We started at Eastern Market for breakfast, and wandered all the way down to the Capitol.
We picked up our ice cream cones and diet coke, 
and hit up the Air and Space Museum,
and followed that up with a Miro art exhibit

Saturday Night: Old town Alexandria 
Twins for the win. Yes we were matching, and yes it wasn't planned.
We met up with Laura and Michael and some other peeps 
in charming Old town Alexandria for dinner.

Sunday: Arlington
Sunday eve was spent walking through Arlington cemetery.
There is no place quite like it.
I am always so moved by the site.

I loved my weekend.
I'm a little tired, and a little worn,
my feet are a little sore, 
but I wouldn't change any of it. 

(kacey.ism 203)

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