Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Weekend adventurers

Every weekend is an adventure.
That's the way Dan and I like it, anyways.
Why stay home when you can go somewhere fun?
Two weeks ago we ran off to Sun Valley, and last week we ran off to St. George.

Sun valley was filled with skiing, hot tubbing, cross country skiing, games, and fun.
We were joined by Claflins, my parents, and Sadie and Logan.
It was a beautiful winter wonderland. Lots of snow, lots of blue sky, and plenty of breathable air.

Dan and I drove down to St. George with his parents for a quick 48-hour trip.
It was a beautiful, balmy 65 degrees all weekend... perfect for tennis, hiking, taking walks, and basking in a little sunshine.
I determined that if I could spend every weekend somewhere sunny with Dan, I would live a very happy life.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015


Hawaii 2014, you were SO good to us...
Hawaii, you more than delivered this year. 
When the countdown was over, and we were actually on our way there I was giddy with excitement. 
As always, it was everything I hoped it would be and more. 
And having Dan there was just icing on the cake. 
We saw the sunrise at Haleakala, we went scuba diving at molokini crater, we played lots and lots of tennis, we had a few intense rounds of paddle ball, we lounged on the beach, we ate well, we saw lots of whales, we spent time with friends, and we just enjoyed being together. 
I loved showing Dan the Hawaii I love so much. I have so many memories on that beach and I wanted him to see it all. 
And not only did I get to show Dan Hawaii, I got to see him embrace the trip and add to my special Hawaiian memories.
Hawaii is always a special time. It comes at the time of year when being with people I love sounds sweeter and better than ever. 
This year I especially loved saying goodbye to 2014, and saying hello to 2015 in paradise. I'm confident this year is going to be the best one yet. 

I am so lucky to have amazing parents that give us this wonderful trip every year. I'm already counting down the days till we're back there again. 

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